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PVC Floor Sheet Artificial Marble Machine Extrusion Line
PVC Raw material+additive→Mixing Unit→Auto Feeder→Conical Twin-screw Extruder→-Moulds→Three calender(online laminating) →Edge cutter→Haul off machine→ Transversal cutter→ Conveyor→UV treatment →Final PVC marble sheet
Material : PVC powder
Output: 400-450Kg/h
Products width: 1220mm
Products Thickness: 3-8mm
Line speed: 0.2-3m/min
Installation power :140kw
Total Length:48 meters
1- PVC Artificial Marble Stone
PVC Artificial Marble Plate Sheet Making Machine for Decorative Profiles is HEAVY, just like Stone and surface with marble stamping seems are REAL MARBLE but in fact with plastic components so now in market called as "PVC Stone Plastic Decoration Profile", "PVC Artificial Marble Stone Profile ", "Plastic Artificial Marble for PVC" and so on.
2- PVC Artificial Marble Stone Usage
PVC marble profile and sheet mainly used in indoor decoration ,such as tunnel, subway, airport, hotel,entertainment venues , hospital, shopping malls, KTV, office, kitchen, bathroom Home Furnishing background wall, laboratory and other places.
3- PVC Marble Performance Features
Strong, fire-resistant, water-resistant, moisture-proof, breathable, easy to clean, without chemical and radioactive pollution, no smell, no static, no fading, no aging.
4- Inside Main Material: Nature Stone Powder
Nature stone powder is a natural carbonate mineral hard rock powders after milling and selection, the main component is Caco3, which has 95% moisture inside, environmental protection.
5- Outer-layer Material: PVC Resin
Structure: high-density, high-fiber solid grass-roots network and with PVC resin surface covered, after extrusion and molding to be transferred or surface treatment by hot stamping or water transfer printing.
Main technical parameter:
ModelThicknessPowerRotary SpeedOutput
PVC-11-6mm177.9KW1-30 rpm80-35025000*2200*3200mm5600
About us:
Any doubt, please welcome to check our showing video on Youtube as belowed link:

The pvc floor sheet artificial marble machine extrusion line made in our factory has applied quality raw materials and world top class technology. Please rest assured to buy the cheap equipment made in China in stock from us and check the quotation with us. As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, we won't let you down.China Plastic Sheet Tile Production Line factory
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