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Flood light housing
Main Features and Advantages
1. High-pressure die-casting aluminum materials used for the body, which is resistible to wallop and anti-corrosion.
2. Ultra-high heat conduction aluminum materials are used for the flood light housing body and which is with special treatment processing
3. High efficient and reasonable photometric technologies, using various of ways in the light distribution.
4. High strength toughened glass with special treatment are used to make the flood light housing with better ultraviolet resistance.
5. Humanized structural design, convenient for installation and maintenance can be expected.

Technical Parameter
Model CG-FL1/2/3/4/5
Input VoltageAC85~265V
Power frequency50/60Hz
Power Factor>= 0.9
Beam Lighting Angle120°
Luminous Flux120lm/W
Color    TemperatureWW: 3000K   W: 6500K     RGB
CRIPure White: Ra >= 80;
Working    Temperature-45℃~55℃
Heat dissipation    materialAluminum Alloy with Anodic oxidation    corrosion
Guard LevelIP65 or Upper
Diagram of degradation for Luminous
1.The data above has been got at a temperature of 25 celsius degree and taking 1000 hours running bya nonstop way.

2.Degradation of luminous flux of LED lamps depends on environmental conditions. The higher the temperature, the longer the using time, the faster luminous flux drops.
Photometric Data
Illumination Distance
Products Dimensions (For reference Only)
Products Packing

Installation Instructions
       (1)                                                                              (2)                                             (3)

1.As Picture (1) showed, fix the flood light to mounting surface with 3 screws.
2.As Picture (2) showed, unscrew the retaining screw, take down the fitting.
3.As Picture (3) showed, Connect Live Wire/Null Wire/Ground Wire to electric cable properly and switch on.
Products Application Casesbest LED Flood Light
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