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LS3000HD LS4000HD LS5000HD 240 volt 3kw 5kw single phase solar inveter types transfer dc to ac
● Subline series LS3000HD LS4000HD LS5000D
● Security & Reliability: with hardware and software protection, no transformer design
● IP65 protection grade
● The friendly human-computer interface
● LED status display
● Multi language LCD display, man-machine interface function keys
● WIFI/USB communication interface
● PC remote control

Model nameLS 3000HDLS 4000HDLS 5000HD
DC input parameter
Max. DC power3150W4200W5250W
Max. DC power of per string3150W/12.0A4200W/12.0A5250W/13.0A
Max. DC voltage600Vdc600Vdc600Vdc
Rated  DC voltage360Vdc360Vdc360Vdc
MPPT operationg voltage range100-550Vdc100-550Vdc100-550Vdc
MPPT full load voltage range150-500Vdc200-500Vdc250-500Vdc
parallel inputs number222
MPPT tracking number222
Max. input current23.0A23.0A23.0A
Max. input current per string12.0A/ 12.0A12.0A/ 12.0A13.0A/13.0A
DC connection typeMC4 terminalMC4 terminalMC4 terminal
Maximum inverter backfeed current to array0A0A0A
AC output parameters
Max. output apparent power3000VA4000VA5000VA
Rated output power3000W4000W4960W
Rated grid voltage220V/230V/240Vac220V/230V/240Vac220V/230V/240Vac
Gridvoltage range185V-276Vac185V-276Vac185V-276Vac
Rated power grid frequency50 Hz/60Hz50Hz/60Hz50Hz/60Hz
Grid frequency range45-55Hz/55-65Hz45-55Hz/55-65Hz45-55Hz/55-65Hz
Max. output current15.0A20.0A25.0A
Power factor (cos φ)0.8i...i…0.8c0.8i...i…0.8c0.8i...i…0.8c
Current harmonics (THDI)<3%(under Rated output power)<3%(under Rated output power)<3%(under Rated output power)
AC output terminal connection typeplug and play terminalplug and play terminalplug and play terminal
Maximum output fault current80Arms80Arms80Arms
Maximum output over current protectionLimited to 24ALimited to 32ALimited to 40A
Max. efficiency97.80%97.80%97.80%
EU efficiency97.20%97.20%97.20%
General data
(W / D / H) size355*395*170mm
Install wayWall hanging fixed
Operating temperature range–25 °C ~ +60 °C
Max.  altitude2000m
Relative temperature0%-98% No condensation

Display screen
1Main interfaceAt the LCD main interface of Litto PV inverter, you can see clear information about inverter running now
2System refer interfaceIn the interface of the refer parameters can be convenient to view the model of inveter and the serial number of the inverter, also can be view the reduce carbon emissions equal to inverter energy saving. In the interface can be change the language English,Chinese or Swedish etc by press the OK button.
3Setting interfaceSetting interface is easy to operate, including grid connect regulations, time and power factor and related settings.
4 Failure interfaceThe fault display interface can easily query the inverters have been recently 21 recorded, and the time is accurate to seconds.
5 Generating capacity query interfaceBy generating capacity of the query interface, users can easily query to the day, month, year, 20 years generating capacity, the user can be very convenient to query the maximum 20 years amount of power generation.
6System parameter interfaceIn the interface of the system parameters can be convenient to view now details of the working parameters of the inverter, including the working temperature.
7System set key operation guidelinesIn the case of inverter backlight extinguished, press any key to enter the system main interface or in any case at any interface by pressing the ESC key twice to return to the system main interface
Working Line
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International Exhibition
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