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1, the use of high-performance permanent magnet materials, magnetic field strength, stability.
2, the machine is composed of multi-layered magnetic materials, layered iron, in which a layer of iron when the other layers are still continuing to iron, iron can be guaranteed continuity. Due to the weak ferromagnetic Fe powder, stick to the bar without timely removal, it is easy to be washed away powder, which uses programmed automatic control, without personnel operations, all-weather in a timely manner to automatically remove iron, thus To ensure the best use of magnetic materials, the use of magnetic rod is a hundred times the manual operation.
3, in order to improve the utilization of magnetic materials in the machine, at the top of the machine used to feed the feed material before the vibration of cloth, so feed in the feed area more uniform, and to make the powder slow down, Reducing the impact of powder on the bar, thereby increasing the utilization of magnetic materials
New type electromagnetic iron removing machine dry powder machine mainly for cathode and anode powder materials research and development, the characteristics of magnetic pole angle mostly, the magnetic flux density of the absolute value of machine sorting area more evenly, play its magnetic separation effect, according to the ore properties of different design different field strength, in addition the electromagnetic powder in the process of selection. No effect to overcome gravity and material resistance, when the non magnetic minerals from magnetic field, under the action of gravity, mineral well separation and magnetic drum, and electromagnetic powder increased the mechanical vibration device, not only can improve the effect of removing iron, but also can realize the abandoned iron convenient.
            Dry Electromagnetic Separator
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