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Cardboard grooving machine KL-1000-2 is specially designed for notching V type groove (U type groove for options),used for industrial cardboard, gray cardboard, MDF boards and the other cardboard.
It adopts new way of transportation structure, wrap the cardboard on the entire surface of the roller(the diameter 60cm),it guarantees the groove more accurately, no deviation and be straight, the machine has the features of high accuracy, fast speed and with durable cutting blade.
Invention patent No.200710157015.9 / 200720191695.1
1.After notching ,the surface of cardboard is very clean and no dust.
2.The grooving machine is very economization, total power is 3.7KW only and it is little noise.
3.Can produce about 1000PCS boxes per hour that feeding by hand ,it is very fast.
4.The cutting blade can cut 10000-18000 sheets one time, then you should to sharp the blade and it is takes about two minutes only. We will supply a blade sharpener by free and it’s very easy to operation
5.The cutting degree is adjustable
6.Can groove any thickness from 300GSM to 3.6mm.
Semi-auto grooving machine KL-1000-2 Width of material 100-950mm
Length of cardboard 100-950mm
Distance of each groove 0-830mm
Thickness of material 300GSM-3.6mm
Grooving degree 80-140 degree adjustable
The number of groove 9sets one time
Production speed 10-35M/Min
Power 3.7KW
Dimension (L*W*H) 15000mm*1400mm*1600mm

After Grooving:
Shipment Packaging:wooden case
Saili Company:China semi-auto flated notching machine
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