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Colored Masking Tape
Colored Masking Tape has good initial tackiness, good tackiness, and can be well adhered to many different types of surface materials. In addition to the general masking properties of masking tape, it can also be widely used as color logo, decoration, Labels, etc.
good price protecting crepe paper masking tapes specification as blew:
1) Material: crepe paper can supply different colors
2) Width and length: according to clients' requests
3) Rubber adhesive or hot melt adhesive
4) Leaves no residue
5) Shadowing when spray-painting
6) Peels off easily
7) Reduces surface scratches
8) Suitable for mounting printing plates, decoration, painting and a multitude of other uses
9) Masking tapes is designed for interior paint masking, light-duty packaging,holding, bundling, splicing and packaging.
10) Practical for construction, building, home, office or industrial applications.
11) Jumbo roll, log roll and cut roll are available.
12) The width of jumbo roll is from 990mm - 2200mm.
Q:Can we make an small order?
A:Yes, we can accept small order, but there won’t be discount.
Q:What is your Policy for the quality problems?
A:After our products are confirmed have quality problems, we are agreed to return all of your money.

Q:Will you accept us to visit you?
A:Warmly welcome, we are near to Shanghai city, so it’s very convenient to reach.Masking Tape
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