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Description :
Manual chain hoist , also called chain block , chain pulley hoist , hand chain hoist , which is a simple , easy operation and portable hand lifting equipment . It is a very good choice for short distance lifting and material handling of small equipment and cargoes . Generally , load capacity below 10Ton , and Max. Lifting capacity can reach 30Ton , lifting height no more than 6m , usually 3m lifting height .
Product specification :
Capcaity (ton)0.511.5235101520
Standard Lifting    height(m)333333333
Running    Test Load (ton)0.751.52.2534.57.51522.530
Load Chain Dia.
Effort to Required to    Lift Max.(N)249284380343372372382378389×2
Net Weight (kg)9.312.216.519.53241.175.7135192
Package Size(cm×cm×cm)37×17
Extra Weight per Meter    of Extra Lift (kg)
Manual chain hoist main parts features :
1. housing , be made of high quality alloy steel , strong , wearable and safety .
2. chain wheel , including hand chain wheel and load chain wheel , be made of high quality cast iron , make chain running smoothly and easily .
3. loading chain , adopts high strength G80 alloy steel , black or galvanized coating .
4. hand chain , galvanized alloy steel .
5. double pawls for braking , even if one is unserviceable by any chance , the other will still remain operative , and the brake system still keep secure.
6. hooks , high strength forged and heat treated hooks with safety latch .
Working principle :
Manual chain hoist work through pulling hand chain to make hand chain wheel rotate , then ratchet wheel of friction plate and brake seat are pressed into one body to rotate together , and turns the gear wheel, the short shaft of the tooth and the spline hole gear. In this way, the lifting chain wheel installed on the spline hole gear can drive the lifting chain and lift the weight smoothly. To adopt ratchet wheel friction disc one-way brake, the manual chain hoist can brake by itself under load, the ratchet claw meshes with the ratchet wheel under the action of the spring, then the brake works safely.
Allman manual chain hoist product characteristics:
1. Manufactured according to international standard , safe and reliable .
2. Good performance and easy maintenance .
3. Small size , and light weight , make the manual chain hoist portable .
4. Light pulling force , high strength spare parts .
5. No. 1 choice for lifting where no power available. Chain Block suppliers
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